Friday, 14 December 2012

Outbreak of sanity at the EU

I've been listening to a radio consumer programme, which criticises new EU regulations on food labelling.  Health claims on food labels are now strictly controlled.   For example 'gut healthy probiotics' must now be labelled 'contains micro organisms'.

Labels may not claim that fruit and vegetables are part of a heart healthy diet, for example.


Because no cause-effect relationship has been established.

In spite of Western governments misinformation over saturated fats and 'healthy whole grains' and skewing of research statistics, the EU Commission has decided to let science take the lead.

A £2 billion 'healthy food' UK industry is threatened.

Some concern has been expressed that high sugar breakfast cereals with added vitamins may get an easier ride than other 'healthier' foods.

Why is this man smiling?  What is he thinking?

Tom Naughton says:  "I told you so."

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