Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Statinators Seek New Victims

Imagine that you run a pharmaceutical company.  Your nice little earner, a drug designed to lower artery-clogging-cholesterol-that-kills-you-with-heart-attacks, is meeting resistance.

You do your very best to keep the income stream flowing strongly.  One of your lobbyists gets hired by the UK government to influence health strategy.   Guidelines for doctors start to include more reasons to prescribe your class of drug to everybody.  One of the main reasons that GPs will prescribe these drugs is because they are paid to do so (or lose big wodges of cash if they don't).

You pay doctors and researchers to endorse your products and dismiss talk of side effects for your drugs, with 'An Expert Speaks' quotes and pieces for mass media news.

A NASA doctor, Duane Graveline, continues to argue that statins damage the mitochondria (or power house) of each cell, resulting in loss of strength, joint pain, memory loss, mental health problems and more.  He almost lost the ability to walk on high dose statins.  People share their experience on blogs and social media.  Some start to challenge their doctors and refuse to take statins.

What can you do to prevent patient resistance to your drugs?

You could find another group of patients, who are LEAST LIKELY to notice the worst side effects of your products.  Yes, why don't you prescribe them to people who are already experiencing joint pain, loss of strength, brain problems:  people with advanced multiple sclerosis?

Ask Dr Terry Wahls why this is such a very very BAD idea.

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