Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to trash scientific research

Establish a media career.  Land a weekly radio show on health matters with the strong message:  "Trust me, I'm a doctor."

Take a topic that is currently fashionable, such as the impact of sugar in processed foods on weight and health.

Briefly interview the most popular specialist in endocrinology, who has made public statements on the issue, including a Youtube video that went viral.

Focus down on the notion that sugar is addictive.

Discuss this idea with 2 neurologists, who quote research studies with rats.  Avoid discussing some of the problems with rat and mice studies, including the composition of the food used in research and the unnatural breed of rodents used.  Do not talk to anyone with a different view of the results.

Whatever you do, steer the specialist away from the subject of his human research studies, demonstrating that insulin function strongly impacts lethargy, inactivity, increasing appetite and weight gain in post operative juvenile cancer patients and adults.

Summarise these superficial discussions with the conclusion that sugar is not a problem in human health and weight gain.

Job done.

Collect gong from the Queen and continue to accept funding from broadcast and print media, who are strongly lobbied by the food industry.

Whatever you do, don't rock the boat.

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