Monday, 11 April 2011

The 'So what?' test

When I work with teams and teach traditional personality inventories I challenge them to go beyond labelling each other.

How can knowledge of personality types help you communicate more effectively with colleagues, bosses and customers?

Myers Briggs Type Indicator distinguishes between different ways of making decisions: Thinking - based on facts and logic versus Feeling - based on values.

Here are 2 public information videos about wearing seat belts. The first one alerts motorists and passengers to the risks of not wearing rear seat belts. In this case, the passenger may 'kill' the driver.

A more recent commercial encourages male drivers to think about their families and a future life together as a reason to 'belt up' or embrace life.

Both films may shock the viewer, but the first is informative and the second one emphasises values.

LAB profiling also points out that the first film motivates people to move away from the negative (ie death), whereas the second encourages people to go toward the positive (ie life with loved ones). Not all of us are motivated by the same thing and slanting adverts to focus on catastrophe doesn't necessarily engage those who are more focussed on goals than risks.

In MBTI this roughly correlates to the Extraverion/Introversion scale, but NLP expresses preferences in clearer terms.

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