Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hurry only 3 more available

B822 is a module of the Open University Business School MBA. It can also be taken as a standalone course.

The next course starts in May and there may be a few places left.

The last 2 begin in November 2011 and then May 2012.

An Economist blog recently commented on the strengths of the Open University in comparison with the latest idea for a privately funded university. The OU is geared up to deliver programmes via a range of accessible media across the globe.

Here's one of my colleagues, Peter Cook, talking about Mission Statements, getting round organisational rules and constraints and how creativity works in the real world.

Here's another colleague, John Gaynard, with his own take on creativity, innovation and change.

Will this man still be in power by the end of the course?

All change.

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