Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Why are you attacking the Co-op?"

I'm not.

I wrote a post last year applauding them on their policy announcement on products from Israeli settlements.  I also pointed out that the Co-op and its Bank seemed to be the only one that remembered its origins and retained its ethical stance.  That's why I'm a customer.

I'm disappointed that the Co-operative Group and the Co-op Bank are not behaving in a manner consistent with its 'customer led, ethically guided' public policy.

It seems as if individuals are suddenly popping up on websites to challenge the work of Mark Taber and the Co-op Bank Action group, attempting to scare bondholders and preference shareholders.  I'd be very very sad and disappointed if it turns out that these people are connected with the Co-op Bank in some way and are part of a management strategy to deal with uncomfortable negative publicity.

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