Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dancing Fool

Dancing Fool was a song by Frank Zappa from Sheik Yerbouti. In it he describes dancing off the beat and committing social suicide on the dancefloor.

Ricky Gervais portrayed the manager as dancing fool in the UK tv series, the Office. A number of managers and consultants confessed to hiding behind the sofa when it was first shown, because it was excruciatingly true to life.

Jim Collins and Henry Mintzberg describe some of the antics of leaders as bizarre and idiosyncratic and do not subscribe to the idea that charisma and larger than life personalities contribute anything positive to leadership, despite the media hype.

Both of them bemoan the elevation of leadership to mythical cult status, whilst management is relegated to a tedious support role, judging by the ratio of books about these topics on sale.

Followership is little known, valued or understood.

This video takes us back to Zappa with interesting comments on how leadership is made.... by its followers:

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