Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crap innovation

Here's an account of using fecal transplants to improve conditions like multiple sclerosis.

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No, today is not 1 April and I'm not joking.

Research shows that bacteria in feces make a big difference to the state of health of the body. Transplanting samples from a healthy bowel can rebalance an unhealthy gut.

The Power of Poop is a podcast by Freakonomics Radio.

Once again research led to a plausible innovation in treatment. A bigger hurdle was to challenge traditional notions that all crap is dirty and should just be flushed away.

An Australian maverick gastro enterologist, Thomas Borody, treated William Kostopoulous with satisfying results. His colleague, Alex Khoruts, at the University of Minnesota, also worked with this approach to treating disease.

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