Friday, 9 December 2011

Rapper Fat Joe says "Educate yourself to weight loss"

Here's how he used to look:

In this video he talks about how he lost 100lbs by educating himself on the science of food and metabolism. Basically Rapper Fat Joe cut out most starch and sugar.

'Super crack head level with sugar...... and then we wonder how we caught diabetes...'

'I lost 6 friends last year to heart attacks..... all younger than me...'

'We're not superheroes, we're human beings. I'm being a realist. That's going to happen to me if I don't switch it up.'

'Not only do I feel better, I'm not missing nothing. I still eat chicken, steak, lobster, with sauteed vegetables or salad. I don't eat it with that pasta, rice or bread.'

In breaking news, Denmark has levied a tax on saturated fat and Norway is running out of butter from the increasing popularity of high fat/low carb ways of eating.. 2 neighbouring countries with diametrically opposed views on diet and obesity.

Listen to da man. Rapper Thin Joe tells it like it is.



  1. The Great Nortic Experiment. In a year or two, the whole world will know which way works best. All we need do is sit back, watch and learn. In fairness, Sweden stated first, and was already showing a drop in obesity/overweight total percent before the Norway fat tax.

  2. It was Denmark that imposed the fat tax and Norway that is running out of butter. The comment wasn't about who led the way, but the bizarre juxtaposition of a shortage in one country, next to a major dairy producing state that thinks saturated fat is a bad thing.