Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fluffy goes to Durban

I've been following the fortunes of the team pioneering HIVEX treatment for HIV in South Africa.  It sounds impossible, but this simple and inexpensive protocol seems to produce impressive results without terrible side effects.

The team have been struggling with attacks on their facility.  They have also applied for government approval of the treatment and jumped every hurdle, only to meet.....SILENCE.

The treatment stopped in April until they can get things on a more stable and secure footing.

Fluffy, a long term HIV positive Brit, flew into South Africa from the UK and experienced HIVEX for himself, with impressive results:

'After about my third day of treatment at the Hivex centre, I started feeling by far more energized day by day and needed no more ''nap's'' in the afternoon, which in London would last from about noon to 3pm every day. And when I woke up in the morning, instead of feeling like I was on an all night workout or labour camp, I actually felt fresh and energized and had no problem getting up even at 5am.
What I found most astonishing though is the fact that after I forgot to take my pain medication with me to the centre and then also forgot my evening dose of Tramadol (I have been on the maximum dose of 500mg for several years) my usual severe back and body pains were gone. 
I then on purpose left out the pain medication and have to say that I have not taken any pain killers for the last three weeks. These two very important issues of constant tiredness/exhaustion and the constant pain now gone, was worth it alone for me making the trip. Now all I want to find out is if there have been any changes to my bloods, which I will have checked on my next visit to my HIV consultant.'

He has now dedicated himself to promoting HIVEX and helping some of the rural dwellers to have a sustainable income to fund clinic visits and treatment, as well as helping orphans to develop a life off the streets.

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