Friday, 5 November 2010

Networks for Green change

I enjoy showing examples of environmental progress and practical sustainability.  Some of my students complain that it seems like an afterthought on their course and is largely irrelevant in their organisation or the current economic climate.

What do we do when our world may be negatively affected by the actions of those on other continents?

What happens when the climate and dwindling resources on other continents lead to a mass migration to ours?

How can groups of people foster their own resources?

Consider rural poor people in Kenya who use wood for fuel and building material.  Professor Wangari Maathai pioneered work in communities to renew trees.  Not only did she encourage tree planting, but recognised that young trees die unless they are protected and tended by people with a vested interest.

Green change happened by people working quietly underneath the radar.  Once those in power recognised what was happening, the women were targetted and ridiculed for their efforts.  They rallied and prevailed whilst President Moi was overthrown.

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