Monday, 9 December 2013

Co-op Bank pressured by Zionists

I reported in a recent post that the Co-op Bank has renewed its pledge to customers to retain its ethical stance.

I admire the Co-op for its boycott of goods from Jewish only settlements in Palestine.  Now the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council have requested a meeting with the Co-op's new leaders to persuade them to drop the policy.

These groups continally put pressure on the BBC to tone down any coverage of Palestinian views from the Middle East.  Mark Regev, an Israeli spokesman, is given regular air time, which is not matched by eqivalent coverage of Palestinian speakers.

Zionist pressure groups have had some success in Paliament, persuading all sides to adjust their policies to a more Israeli friendly view.

The propaganda portrays Palestinians as heavily armed terrorists, and Israelis as poor, weak, defenceless people.  Where is the coverage of Academy Award nominated '5 Broken Cameras', which shows peaceful resistance by farmers coping with increasing incursions into their farmland?

I hope the Co-op Group stands firm and resists pressure from Zionist groups to bury the truth about human rights abuses in Palestine.

I've said it before and will say it again:  'The only way is ethics'.

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